Sunday, February 22, 2015

The New Brother - NOW WITH VIDEO

 It is popularly known that Simon has a very real obsession with puppies. That is not an overblown perception. He has talked about puppies every single day since he could speak. He pretends he is a puppy. He talks about when he will 'grow up and be a puppy'. He sleeps with 20 stuffed animal puppies, and carries one with him at all times. He was a puppy for Halloween. He wants a puppy birthday party. All. Things. Puppy.
He may be in therapy when he is 18 if he realizes he is not yet a puppy.

But for this year, he asked Santa for a real puppy. (He has finally caught on to what Santa is actually good for.)

So, he wrote Santa a letter:

 "Santa, I want a puppy. Love, Simon"

 And Santa delivered.

He even delivered one that looks a LOT like Simon's favorite toy puppy.

 Meet Sprocket.

 And here is the special surprise delivery:

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