Tuesday, December 08, 2015

He's gonna be a life-er

Henson had his first experience at over-night church camp in June with at the MRCC beginner camp at Rock Creek. He was so excited that he jumped out of the car before I had come to a complete stop at check in. "See you in four days, mom!" Well, ok then. Actually, I was praying that he would love camp as much as I loved it growing up. I had some wonderful people to send me pics of him throughout the week, which I was super thankful for - kept me reassured. The night he came home he cried for 45 minutes because he wanted to be back at camp. Success! He's gonna be a life-er.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Highlights from May

I have been terrible at keeping up at least for my own memory/scrapbooking purposes. So I'm going back in time for a few posts.
Simon's last Sonshine School program (and our last ever *tear*)
S's BFF, Kolby - we miss him!
Wonderful Busy Bee teachers
1st field trip with Henson
Mothers Day
Last day of Kindergarten for H
Last day of Sonshine School for S
1st day of summer with our neighbors who we couldn't have survived without!
Boys got bunk beds and started sh
aring a room
Our awesome neighborhood kids started a band