Monday, February 08, 2016

Any "Home From Disney" support groups out there?

We have survived our two weeks back from Disney. I am just now feeling like we are back in our routine (if we must be), and recovering from withdraws. We are already making a countdown to our next trip and the boys requested a 30 day stay. We'll have to talk about taking out a loan for Disney as that gets a little closer. 

Our pre-trip planning sessions are a must, and the week before Grammie gives out gifts to open on the days leading up to the plane - and this year Mickey cookies the size of their own heads to go with them.
The boys packed their own bags - Simon's priorities are his puppies. Duh. (and apparently his driver's license)
Plane-ready Dude
Can't board fast enough to get to his Pluto hat he has planned to purchase for months.
Thankfully for all of us, our room had a perfect Simon-sized bed so that no one else had to get trampled in his sleep path.

We love the Caribbean resort stocked with faux beaches in January.

It didn't even take a full day before this kid located his souvinier that he proudly wore every day and slept with every night. We all of course were just as excited for him because at four year old puppy wannabe with a Pluto hat with hanging ears is just as cute to everyone else, right?
My kids discovered the art of pin trading this year. They had Mia as their fabulous pin trading etiquette & know-how expert to guide them on their way. It quickly became a family quest to find the pins for each of the sets they wanted to collect. We were all obsessed. We are all awesome.

When you take a group of 10 to Disney it is likely you will develop a reputation among the park employees when boarding rides and requesting restaurant reservations. I won't say what kind of reputation. We will stay in our Disney bubble of denial that we were all just as magical to experience for them as the the trip we came to experience.

I don't even care how scary I look here because it's Disney and these kids were a blast.

Lucas at his happy place...
He actually took a real, smiling picture with me! Only at Disney.

Belle's Castle feast. It took a lot of restraint for me not to burst into the songs of my childhood here.

Simon completed Jedi Training. His attitude toward this was willing, yet indifferent about his new 'abilities'. Eh.

We love Disney. The older the kids get, the more fun Disney becomes. These four were Disney pros and I want to thank them for letting 6 Disney-crazed adults tag along again. Until next time.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I know what you need a vacation after the vacation! But Disney has something for everyone and a great place for families!