Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Village

Heartbeat for Hope visited our friends in Ghana again in June 2015.  Here are some trip highlights:

The supportive fam
The H4H group for 2015

One of the primary reasons we went over in June was to check in on projects in the village of Ayikai Doblo - a rural area 10 minutes outside the capital. Last year we and a college group from OC refurbished an unused building near the school into a library. Until then, the school had no books at all, no desks for studying, and no teaching materials. We were able to paint and stock the library getting it up and running for them. In between trips they added this sign - such a nice gesture!
Inside the library

The Kinder block that has been painted and we provided windows and doors to protect from the elements. The teachers have done an amazing job decorating the classrooms and utilizing the manipulatives purchased last year!
Another part of the Ayikai Doblo outreach was to bring nutrition bars and clothing for desperate families. We gave the items to the evangelists of Heritage College preaching school (where we stay while in Accra) so that they could deliver them to their villages as outreach. This is Lawrence delivering to a family in Ayikai that we met last year.
Susie Lartey is attempting to teach me how to make one of the bracelet designs they teach at the women's training centers of Hope Creations. I would need a lot more training and practice...not my forte.

Next, we traveled to Hope Training Institute to see the progress of the literacy building that H4H funded - completely raised by Amy Hubble through Hope Creations.
This was a gigantic snail in one of the classrooms. Had to document this - it was bigger than my entire hand.

Our group - Amy & Chelsea met up with us here - in front of the literacy center construction.

Literacy Center now

They surprised us putting a revised version of our logo in the floor of the large classroom. I just love this, and it's so special.

Then, on to Village of Hope to see the kids!
This was our first time meeting Ernest & Richmond, two of our newest sponsored kids. They. Are. Precious.
Salamatu & Vida - just after we left they took and passed the 9th grade exam and have been accepted into High School for next year! That is a huge accomplishment!

Josphine & Michael Sarpong are non-residential kids that we 'adopted' into the H4H family a couple years ago when their mother (who is a single mom to 5) was ill and it became too much for her to afford to send her kids to school. They completed 9th & were accepted into Hope College on VOH campus and are doing so well.

Definitely a highlight of our trips is watching the house mothers make homemade bread for the week, and then sampling it, of course.

This year, my very favorite, and most special thing we did while in Ghana was have all of our sponsored family (minus 2 who are older and not on campus anymore) to our guest house for a devo and birthday party. We shared a lot with each other and just hung out. I just loved it. These kids are fantastic and it is so neat to be building relationships with them and seeing them grow up into strong, Christian young people.

 In October, the VOH director, Fred Asare, invited me to write some personal thoughts for their newsletter. I was honored to be asked.
14 of our 16 sponsored kids. I can't wait to go back.

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Some amazing stuff right there. God bless you as you continue to work in the lives of the children of the Village of Hope!