Friday, October 21, 2016

Playing some catch up - Mid-Aug. - Sept. - here we go

The boys started school: Henson-2nd & Simon - K

Mrs. Lalli (and yes, Simon did that on purpose)

Mrs. Fowler's class (so happy to have her!)

                           Simon lost his first tooth - during church                             - came out in the gum he was chewing

We had our annual Village of Hope Kick Off in Journey Land at MRCC. Henson got to help show how fufu was made.

First day of Dine Out Week for Heartbeat for Hope

Fred & Faustina Asare, and Francis Sosu made an unexpected visit to Edmond and were just in time to participate at Cane's for Dine Out Week!
Fred, Faustina, Francis and his friend from Texas with some of our Heartbeat for Hope Board.

We celebrated Sprocket's 2nd birthday with our neighbors. 

Henson played his first season of soccer.

I organized, and survived, the Clegern School Walk-a-Thon fundraiser.

Aug through September was the busiest we have been in several years in a concentrated amount of time. Our family 'does' busy pretty well. But by the last day of September (Walk-a-Thon day) I almost couldn't remember my name. 
Now, on to the next busy chunk of the year - 
holiday season.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Tell the boys to plan the next birthday party for the dog!